You Probably Think This Community's About You

Vainy Days are our favourite days

you probably think this community is about you
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Vanity with a little twist.

How  it works:

-A theme is chosen everyweek.
-You take pictures of yrself (or whatever) within it.
-You post them.
-We love you.

This weeks theme:


» Don't post if yr not gonna comment. You have to give attention to get it.

» Nudity is allowed. Just not pee pee's and noo noo's. Of course you must be 18+, and please cut it.

» Text entries are allowed. Only if they are intelligent and completely revolved around this community, or advertising for one like it.

» Don't post mean comments. Karma will come back and kick yr ass. Then delete yr posts.

» Don't save, distribute, link, or post anyone else's pics w/o permission. Duh.

» Post as many pictures as you want within the theme each week.Different variations, poses, whatever.

» Pictures can be funny, sexy, artistic, dramatic, whatever-the-fuck. Just POST.

» If you want to post a regular picture to introduce yrself when you first start, that's fine. ONE. UNO. But the rest must be in the theme.

» Tell yr friends. And yr gramma.

Or... Fuck all the theme shit. Just take me to picturewhores.

Creator: curvaceous
Moderator: no_vacancies
Name & Cleverness: toddshaeffer
Great guy & alotta help: nnnuts

I'm always, ALWAYS open to comments, suggestions, theme ideas, etc. The best way to reach me is via AIM.

So IM me at vintagepromdress.

I need people to help me out. Dedicated people who have no lives like me who can help SET themes, moderate, welcome people, and straight up... help. Sometimes I'm a little slow getting the theme up, so I'd like anyone who can make graphics like these to maybe help out. But still, all are welcome.